Our services

Renewable Energy

Our expertise

Our services in the field of renewable energy can roughly be divided into the following area of expertise:

project coordination

Complete project coordination of projects yet to be developed

Advice & Support

Advice about your current projects. Support for acquisition and tendering processes.

Sale of projects

The sale of both granted and completed projects

Renewable Energy

There are many attractive investment opportunities for our clients and our firm in the fast-growing alternative and renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Lykeion not only actively invests own funds, but also raises capital for renewable energy projects. We act both as a community service provider and investor, with products and services covering all elements of solar energy business including technical and financial advisory services.

Lykeion wants to contribute to a sustainable future through support for development of green energy. Lykeion Solar business unit is established to offer clean, abundant and renewable energy sources.

Current activities focus on Turkey and Netherlands.

The process

Benefit from our extensive experience, contacts and global network. Roughly speaking, the development cycle of solar energy projects encompasses the following stages:

Feasibility study at location level

Purchase and project budget

Permit and subsidy applications

Legal, financial and operational framework

Project management and completion

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