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Target Market Research

Customer and Market Development

While developing your business, finding new customers and markets, analyzing customer needs and supporting the development of the product.

One of the most important ways to create strategic superiority in the hyper-competitive world is to accurately identify target customers and competitors. The research process to be followed, the interpretation of the information to be obtained, target determinations, related code systems and applications are discussed and the database indexes to be used for accessing company information are transferred with applications.

1. Target Market Research

By analyzing the data in Turkey and EU trade, we identify the most profitable, easily exportable products and business lines. We analyze many issues in detail, such as the basic dynamics in our target market, analysis of competitors, customs duties, certification needs, and procedures, and draw a roadmap that will lead you to the result.

2. Target Customer Research

We enable you to reach your potential customers with our detailed industry analysis. We determine the actual exports of your global competitors using legal sources, so we present your high-potential customers who have already purchased your products to you as a point-and-shoot.

3. Pinpoint Export

We report the target markets (Turkey and EU) for your product and find your potential customers and business partners in the specified target markets. After identifying potential buyers and/or business partners who want to cooperate in the target country, we provide marketing support, and before meeting with the company, we position your company according to your potential buyer, not your competitors.

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